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Trust us, its a great vehicle…just no 2nd gear

The New York Yankees came into town and swept the Jays in a 2 game mini-series. Its not really the losses that hurt, its the way it was done. Words like sloppy and listless come to mind though we can`t

This is Shaping up 2B a Real Pitchers Duel

Last night, Doc Halladay faced the Angels. Often he is lined up against the number 1 pitcher on the opposing team’s staff. Not the case on this night as he faced rookie, Anthony Ortega. The result… a win!This raised a

Winning is Contagious as only Winning can B

10 games into 2009 and the Jays are at 7 wins and 3 losses.  Amazing what a team can do when there are no expectations isn’t it? As we were trying to think about what THE story has been for

Not so Great Xpectations

The 2009 Toronto Blue Jays aren’t expected to contend. Cito Gaston and J.P. Ricciardi have even come out publicly to state that 2010 is their focus and not 2009. So what is a diehard fan to think of 2009? Are