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Questions abound as spring training begins


The wait is over as Blue Jays baseball returned with spring training getting under way this week.  Coming off a 2011 season that saw the team finish .500 questions abound as we head into the new season. Can certain players

Review: ESPN Baseball Today Podcast


I’d like to introduce you all to a staple of my baseball world ESPN’s Baseball Today podcast. For those of you unfamiliar with the show it’s approximately 30 minutes in length and with new shows available Monday to Friday during

Had you told me…


Looking back on the nearly complete 2010 Toronto Blue Jays season there are a lot of things that have happened that I would have had a hard time believing back in spring training. Here in no particular order are 10 things

One Big Cash Grab


Today Rogers launched their latest station Sportsnet One much to the chagrin of many long time Blue Jays fans across this country who are now unable to watch their favourite team play. Sportsnet One is meant to serve as Rogers’ Premier sports station

Just a bit Outside – 10 Best names in Blue Jays History


10. Homer Bush – Capitalizing on the popular Simpson of the same name. 9. Lloyd Moseby – His name just rolls off the tongue. You just want to stretch it out “Mooooseby. 8. Hosken Powell – A new cologne for

Just a bit Outside – April 17th

Tearing down yankees stadium

Introducing a new column from yours truly the owner of Darryl. What will the column feature you ask? Well pretty much whatever I want it to because I own the site. From commentary on the Toronto Blue Jays,the MLB