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  1. 1. I thought that it was announced early last year that they were dropping the “blue” and were to be simply officialy called the Jays.

    2. It was annouced that the entire T.V. broadcasting team was being let go. Am I correct? Jamie was great. Buck and Pat are good too, Find a job for Rance. At least get him to stop talking.

  2. Why do Buck, Pat and Greg talk about how great Tanaka and the Yankess are when it was very obvious that the umpires won the first 2 games for N.Y. Are they not allowed to call it like it is ? At times it sounds like they’re for N.Y. not Toronto.
    What am I missing ? I stopped watching hockey because of inept refereeing .
    Along time Blue Jay fan since 1978.

  3. To the point, nothing barred and here goes. Here is what gets us mad. We had a black manager by the name of Mr. Cito Gaston a good manager with two world series wins and here is what happened. He was treated badly by some fans and a loud mouth call in radio host who thought he was entitled to promote Cito’s departure. Mike Wilner, what are you saying now and whey are you so quiet? Why do you not criticize John Gibbons like you so actively hated and criticized Cito . Was it the race of the man? You denied it but it tells for itself. I hope president Paul B makes some changes and soon. The only way things will change is to sweep house including the mouth himself Mike Wilner. Because of the way they treated Cito, the team is cursed. I heard it said before and laughed but now I believe it.

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